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TimeTilter is a free multimedia engineering curriculum for grades 6 to 8. The curriculum explores the engineering design cycle, bioengineering, and materials engineering.

Access the complete curriculum at:

You’ll find detailed lesson plans that integrate all the elements of TimeTilter:

  1. TimeTilter, a book based on a STEM-related mystery
  2. A transmedia learning adventure that sends readers online to continue the story and explore the engineering themes



About the Book

Fifteen-year-old Singer has never known a place that feels like home or a family who can accept her physical disability. On the run to reunite with her missing dog, Singer is caught in a devastating fire. But Angelie, the woman who rescues her, turns out to be more terrifying than the fire. Angelie forces Singer to join a band of marginalized teens in the TimeTilter, a futuristic immersive gaming site created by the mysterious company Collusia.

Trapped in the TimeTilter, Singer and her team become the unwilling subjects of Collusia’s dangerous research on the limits of human perception. Under the influence of an untested  proprietary chemical, the team loses all sense of time—while other senses become mysteriously enhanced. Battling to survive, Singer and her friends must find out why they’re here, tap into their new super powers of perception, and fight their way out of a world where you can’t always be sure of what’s real.

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What are the advantages of using engineering education in after school?

CTASN Executive Director Michelle Doucetter Cunningham believes that after school settings are a great fit for engineering education!

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