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How do I help learners navigate "Rio's Brain", the learning adventure in artificial intelligence (AI)?

The AI adventure contains a graphic novel and three virtual “mansion rooms” which include online activities.

GRAPHIC NOVEL:  Students experience Rio’s camping trip, his injury, and learn why he needs a new brain.  As Rio, Sadina, and the learner arrive at brain engineering Dr. Ecks’ mansion, Rio faints and Sadina has to stay behind to take care of him.  It is then left to the learner to find a way to save Rio!

ROOM 1:  In room one, students explore the question of “what is intelligence?”  After all, it’s impossible to determine whether computers can be intelligent if we don’t understand what intelligence is.  This idea is fundamental.

ROOM 2:  In room two, students look at what kinds of “intelligent” tasks are easy and hard for machines as well as rules of knowledge for machines. For example, is it easier to make machines “intelligent” about some things than others?  What would a new brain for Rio need to be able to do and would it be possible to create a brain with that intelligence?

ROOM 3:  In room three, students compare artificial intelligence to human intelligence to see how the two currently compare.  Can a computer pass for a human?  That is, given the current state of artificial intelligence, can an artificial brain replace Rio’s human brain?  Learners use their existing knowledge of what distinguishes human and computer intelligence to formulate questions to test the intelligence of a chatterbot!

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