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Talk to Me novel

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“I turn around and Maddie is gone. That’s how it happens, that quickly.”  ​

Sadina’s world is falling to pieces:  Her mother is about to be arrested for a crime she didn’t commit.  Her little sister, Maddie, is sinking into a world of silence.  And her best friend Rio is turning into someone she doesn’t know. Sadina fights the clock to clear her mother’s name, help her sister speak—and find out the truth about Rio.

Talk to Me is engaging, relevant narrative that makes engineering accessible to all—even to those without prior knowledge of engineering. The novel seamlessly integrates engineering themes in artificial intelligence (AI), engineering design, and engineering ethics.  These concepts are framed in well-written story with diverse characters—including strong, intelligent female leads—that appeal to all children and young teens—especially girls!


  • Lexile of 840 (grade 5.5 reading level). 
  • Available at no cost in e-reader format in English.  
  • Available as a free captioned audiobook (English)!
  • Educator novel guide with chapter-by-chapter plot summaries, vocabulary words, STEM ideas, and writing and activity prompts.  
  • Flexible curriculum!  Use as a stand-alone STEM resource, with learning adventures on free companion website, or with free offline activities from the teachers' guide

Afterschool educator Mary Miraglia wrote:

“… it was so captivating and relevant that I actually read it in one sitting.  I loved it and believe that the girls will as well.  It impressed me on a variety of levels:

Literacy—it incorporated classic literature (Romeo and Juliet) making it relevant to today, and society and family expectations. It includes metaphor, foreshadowing, etc., and facilitates connections between text, self and world.  It is descriptive and mysterious and lends itself to many extensions.

STEM—vocabulary (prototype, AI, CAD), engineering process—problem-solving, objectives, design, testing, revision, female role models (Mom is engineer, the name games that Flynn played to learn about female firsts), recycling

Representative of teens—emotions, conflicts (wanting to be seen/not be seen, boy-girl, friendship, dilemmas involving loyalty, honesty), music, cell phones, IM, texting, characters

Positive female role models—innovative, courageous

There are many ways that the girls would be able to relate and make connections, which would not only be curriculum-based, but also socially and emotionally.  It lends itself to so many other important topics—such as bullying.”

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Learn more about Talk to Me author Sonia Ellis:

Sonia Ellis, M.S.E. is the author of the Talk to Me novel and the senior instructional designer for the Through My Window project.  She is a professional writer, editor, and instructional designer whose published work includes fiction, feature stories, profiles, articles on science and engineering, marketing literature, and educational modules.  Sonia received her bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from the University of Pennsylvania and a master’s degree in chemical engineering from Princeton University.  Visit Sonia's author page on!

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What would you do if you saw a friend cheating on a test?

Engineers face ethical dilemmas, too, and those faced by children and young teens have parallels to those faced by engineers.


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