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TimeTilter is the second novel by Sonia Ellis.  The book is about fifteen-year-old runaway Singer, who has never known a place that feels like home or a family who can accept her physical disability. After a mysterious fire claims her last few possessions, Singer finally gets a chance to belong. She joins a team of displaced teens who are secret testers of the TimeTilter, an experimental in-person gaming site. But the team soon discovers that they’re trapped in the TimeTilter, the subjects of dangerous research on the limits of human sensory perception. Battling to survive in a place where she can’t trust her own senses, Singer must confront her self-doubts and search for home—and acceptance—in unexpected places. 

The book and related lesson plans introduce science and engineering concepts including human and animal senses, natural selection, materials science, bioengineering/biomimicry. 

You can read the book at or purchase paperback copies on Amazon.

To facilitate the novel and associated curriculum (including the supplementary website), you can use the day-by-day lesson plans and handouts below.

Lesson Plans

Appendix to the Lesson Plans (with worksheets, teacher keys, etc)

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