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Learning Adventures

Learning adventures are the second component of Through My Window.  They are imaginative, interactive stories that feature the Talk to Me characters and focus on a specific engineering topic.  

ABOUT the learning adventures

Engineering Design - Trapped in Time: Users join Talk to Me characters on a journey back in time.  Through interactions with Apollo astronauts and inventor Nikola Tesla, students develop ideas about how to design meaningful and successful solutions.  Finally, students apply their knowledge by helping the characters escape from a dangerous cave. 

Artificial Intelligence - Rio's Brain: Talk to Me character Rio has his brain removed by evil researchers who plan to destroy it.  When Rio faints and his best friend Sadina has to stay behind to watch over him, students jump in to explore a ransacked mansion and determine whether it's possible to create an artificial brain to save Rio. 

ACCESS a learning adventure

1.  Create an account  One user account provides access to all of the learning adventures. 

2.  Authenticate the account with a valid email.  

3.  Log in at

4.  Click on Learning Adventures, and select a learning adventure.

We can create user accounts for groups of students.  Contact us to create accounts for your students.

IMPLEMENT a learning adventure

Use the educator guide to Trapped in Time or guide to Rio's Brain, screenshot-by-screenshot how-tos for completing the adventures

Click here to access lesson plans that integrate the learning adventures with the book and offline enrichment activities

Contact us with questions, for free customized lesson plans, or for student accounts

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