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Books of the Week: “3:59” and “Careers for Tech Girls in Computer Science”

Dec 18, 2017 | By: Isabel Huff

Books of the Week: “3:59” and “Careers for Tech Girls in Computer Science” thumbnail


by Gretchen McNeil

This book only loosely fits into the category of STEM books, but it is an exciting and suspenseful sci-fi story with a main character, Josie, who loves math and science.  When Josie ends up in a parallel universe, she has to use her science knowledge--and work with eerily similar versions of her friends from her own dimension--to get herself back home.  Josie is portrayed as smart, but it comes from hard work and being around her scientist parents--not being an inborn genius.  Best for high schoolers (as it contains some swearing and sexual content), this book could spark conversations about relativity, space-time, and black holes. Note: 3:59 contains some words (insane, leper) used as derogatory terms that we wish it didn’t.

Careers for Tech Girls in Computer Science

by Heather Moore Niver

A 65-page guide to different careers in technology (including computer and information research scientists, computer network architects, information security analysts, software developers, and web developers), this book offers practical information about the work involved in such jobs as well as ways to get involved early.  The audience isn’t always clear; while the book seems to be written for students in middle school and up, it occasionally mentions elementary school information or seems more like it’s talking to educators.  Additionally, the book describes the need for students to have abilities like “analytical skills” without entirely defining what that means.  Sometimes, the book mentions industries like “consulting firms” or “business and financial companies” without defining those either.  While this book would be a great reference for students already interested in these careers, its sometimes-technical vocabulary would probably make it less engaging for an uninterested student.  Because of its price, we recommend checking your local library fo rthis one.


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