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Who are we?

Team Through My Window is comprised of students, professors, and other professionals.  Check out our bios below!

Glenn Ellis (Principal Investigator)

Glenn Ellis is the project leader and an instructional designer for Through My Window.  He is an Associate Professor of Engineering at Smith College.  Glenn received his doctorate in civil engineering and operations research from Princeton University and teaches courses in engineering mechanics, artificial intelligence and educational methods for teaching science and engineering.  The winner of numerous teaching and research awards, Glenn received the 2007 U.S. Professor of the Year Award for Baccalaureate Colleges from the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching and the Council for Advancement and Support of Education.  Glenn has worked extensively with K-12 teachers and college faculty, public and private school systems, and colleges and universities to support educational reform.  His current research focuses on the use of narrative and knowledge building to encourage deep, intentional learning in engineering and science.  He can watch a movie and not remember the name of one character, has a secret room ready in case he ever turns into a vampire, and is inspired by students every day.

Sonia Ellis (Author)

Sonia Ellis is the author of the Talk to Me novel and the senior instructional designer for the Through My Window project. She is a professional writer, editor, and instructional designer whose published work includes fiction, feature stories, profiles, articles on science and engineering, marketing literature, and educational modules.  Sonia received her bachelor's degree in chemical engineering from the University of Pennsylvania, where she received numerous honors for academic achievement.  She received her master's degree in chemical engineering from Princeton University.  Sonia has contributed to research and development projects in fields ranging from consumer products to veterinary medicine.  She once caught a runaway donkey using a dog leash and carrots, wishes she could breathe under water, and believes people are basically good at heart.

Beth McGinnis-Cavanaugh (Co-Principal Investigator)

Beth McGinnis-Cavanaugh is a professor of physics and civil engineering technology at Springfield Technical Community College (STCC).  She teaches physics and engineering mechanics courses and focuses on the development of meaningful educational strategies to recruit and retain a diverse student body in engineering.  Beth earned her master's degree in civil engineering (structural) from the University of Massachusetts Amherst as a non-traditional student.  As the project co-PI, she builds on her expertise in designing professional development and learning communities for K-12 teachers and leads the collaboration with informal educators as well as participates in instructional design.  Her favorite pastimes include books and the beach—preferably at the same time.  An armchair student of Irish history, Beth wishes she could prove that an Irish saint discovered America.  She is the 2014 Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching and the Council for Advancement and Support of Education Massachusetts Professor of the Year and the 2015 Springfield Technical Community College Anthony M. Scibelli Endowed Chair.  

Al Rudnitsky (Co-Principal Investigator)

Al Rudnitsky's research interests all revolve around teaching and learning for understanding.  His recent work has focused on how teachers create learning communities, the role of discourse in deep learning, knowledge building pedagogy, the role of imagination in teaching and learning, and how creating and using videos can serve as a way to study learning and teaching.  Math and science education at the elementary- and middle-school level are subject areas of particular interest.  His outlook and philosophy of life have largely been shaped by the collected works of Bob Dylan.

Isabel Huff (Outreach Coordinator)

After participating in Through My Window during her four years as an undergraduate, Isabel is thrilled to be working full-time as the outreach coordinator.  In particular, Isabel enjoys helping programs create effective plans to implement Through My Window in their unique settings.  She graduated summa cum laude from Smith College with a double major in economics and Spanish in Spring 2014.  Isabel is originally from Missoula, Montana, used to launch high-altitude weather balloons, plays tennis, loves to cook, thinks Thanksgiving is the best holiday, and is fascinated by game shows.

Lauren Binger (Instructional Designer)

Lauren graduated from Smith College with a Bachelor’s degree in Education & Child Study and a Master of Arts in Teaching.  She works on various aspects of Through My Window, including leading the development of the Design Cycle Learning Adventure.  Originally from Portsmouth, Rhode Island, Lauren is now a middle school science educator and dreams of traveling to outer space.  She loves planets, her favorite color is purple, and she spends most of her free time resisting the urge to buy more socks.

Evanleigh Davis (Artist)

A member of the class of 2016 majoring in studio art, probably, and concentrating in book studies, maybe.  Evanleigh is Team Through My Window's primary artist.  She has been drawing for the project since her freshman year.  Evanleigh is from New Haven, Connecticut.  She owns two pet potatoes both named Bellatrix and once ate a bee accidentally.

Caroline Kushner (Data Analyst)

Caroline graduated from Smith in 2016 with a psychology major and education & child study minor and will be returning to participate in the MAT program.  She is originally from Cheshire, CT.  At Smith, she was a captain on the Smith softball team, a member of SAAC, and a Sherrerd Teaching Prize committee member.  She likes temporary tattoos, dancing, and blowing bubbles.  She also has a puppy named Clarence.

Emma Martin (Instructional Designer) 

By day, Emma is a recent graduate of Smith College! She is moving across the vast Connecticut River to Mount Holyoke to pursue her Masters of Arts in teaching in elementary and special education.  Next fall she will be assistant teaching the sixth grade—and she’s super pumped.  This summer, Emma is working with Team Through My Window to help finish the ethics and begin the bioengineering learning adventures.  She loves biking, skiing, and eating chocolate chip cookies.  By night, she can be found fighting for justice throughout the world on her bike named Liv, or petting her favorite cat, Elphaba.

Mary Moser (Graphic Designer)

Mary Moser is a recent graduate from STCC, where she studied both graphic design and computer science.  Now a senior at UMass Amherst, she is pursuing her bachelor’s in computer science, and hopes to one day make a living through programming and/or web design.  Mary started working with the Through My Window project in the summer of 2014, primarily as a graphic designer.  Her obsessions include expanding her sock monkey collection, trying different kinds of tea, attending classical music concerts, and having philosophical discussions on anything from fine arts to the latest Disney movie.

Sarah Myerson (Data Analyst)

Sarah is a member of the class of 2017 at Smith College, double majoring in psychology and education & child study with a track for elementary licensure.  Sarah loves working with students and aspires to be an elementary school teacher followed by a middle school guidance counselor in the future.  A native of Portsmouth, RI, Sarah greatly values oversized sweatshirts, the color turquoise, and utilizing every possible opportunity to get free food.

Zoe Zandbergen (Artist)

the cat's name is ellie

Zoe is majoring in engineering, minoring in studio art, and graduating in 2018, she guesses.  She draws whatever Evanleigh doesn't.  Zoe is from San José, California, and knows a lot of ways to kill time on planes.  She has broken her left arm twice, at age four by falling off a bed and at age fourteen by falling over playing Frisbee.  She’s not grumpy.  Her face just looks like that.

Matthew Mattingly (Website Designer)

Matthew Mattingly is the Multimedia Director for the UMass Center for Educational Software Development (CESD), where he works with faculty members and other experts to design and specify interactive multimedia materials for education, and with programmers and artists to develop prototypes and finished products.  He is also a songwriter and artist who carries a tiny watercolor set in an Altoids tin at all times.

Sarah Dunton (Educational Consultant)

Sarah T. Dunton, MEd, graduated from the Commonwealth Honors College at the University of Massachusetts Amherst with a degree in women’s studies.  She holds a master of education in learning, media, and technology from the University of Massachusetts Amherst.  Sarah builds informal learning environments, enhanced with technology, and designed to engage girls and women in the science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields.  Her research on informal STEM education and mobile technologies, combined with her ability to join scholarship and practice, allows her to have too much fun as a STEM education consultant and Director of Education at Girls Inc. of Holyoke, Massachusetts.  She has recently been named funniest aunt by her 9 year old niece and 5 year old nephew, a recognition she takes seriously.  Sarah can be found workshopping material Monday through Friday and on weekends.

Wayne Ferrari (Business Advisor)

Wayne helps founder-led organizations grow and prosper.  As Chief Executive Officer for iAutomation, a segment-breaking factory automation distributor to the OEM market, Wayne led the management team through a period of tremendous growth, from founding entrepreneur in 1998 through private equity investment in 2007 and several acquisitions thereafter.  Prior to iAutomation, Wayne was Marketing Manager of Berkeley Process Control, a high growth machine control manufacturer. Before that, he was with the Compumotor Division of Parker Hannifin.  Wayne holds a degree in mechanical engineering from the University of New Hampshire.  Wayne was raised in Beverly, MA, where he now resides with his wife Christine, and three daughters. 

Former Members

Stephanie Annessi

Stephanie graduated from Smith College in 2014.  She participated in the design of several learning adventures and lead the production of the Talk to Me audiobook.

Anna Beatty

At Smith College, Anna majored in engineering with a minor in education and a concentration in poetry.  She worked on development of the engineering design learning adventure for two years.   

Wiame El Bouhali

From Morocco, Wiame graduated from Smith College in 2014 and worked on the project team for two years, helping develop the engineering design learning adventure.  

Oliver Coley

Oliver was a graphic designer for the teachers' guide.  She graduated from Smith College in 2014 and majored in studio art.

Emily Dixon

Emily graduated from Smith College in 2015, where she studied engineering and landscape design.  She worked with Sonia to establish technical backgrounds for future instructionals and books.

Abbie Duquette

A video producer for the Through My Window team, Abbie is a recent graduate of Smith College where she studied music and film.    

Rosy Giralt Quesada

A native of Costa Rica, Rosy is a Springfield Technical Community College student majoring in liberal arts with a focus on early childhood education.  Rosy translated the Talk to Me novel from English to Spanish.

Kyle Gouchoe-Hanas

Kyle graduated in the Smith Class of 2016 with concentrations in painting and adolescent education.  She assisted in the development of the ethics learning adventure.

Lucy Gouvin

Lucy is member of the class of 2016 at Smith College with a double major in studio art and economics.  From Longmeadow, Massachusetts, Lucy was a video producer and loved working on Through My Window.

Xi (Wendy) Jiang

A Smith College student majoring in engineering, Xi worked on the instructional design of the artificial intelligence (AI) learning adventure.  Xi hails from Ningbo, China, plays the piano and loves music, reading, and Zumba.

Yamanda Kaychouhi Boukmakh

Yamanda completed her double major in education abd child study and psychology at Smith College.  She worked on development of the engineering design and engineering ethics learning adventures.

Emi Lee

Emi studied anthropology at Smith College and helped with the development of the engineering design and engineering ethics learning adventures.

Naomi Long

Naomi is a Smith College senior majoring in computer science.  She loves programming and is very interested in online education.

Lucy McAuliffe

A senior editor and instructional designer, Lucy is a 2012 Smith College graduate in American studies and environmental science and policy.  She was a First Group Scholar and recipient of the Newton Arvin Prize in American Studies and a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation while at Smith.  Lucy now runs her own English language school in Spain.

Katie Moran

An instructional designer on the project, Katie graduated from Smith College with majors in English language and literature and education and child study.  At Smith, Katie researched engineering education in K-12 schools, explored interests in urban education, and developed curricula for adolescents.  

Netty Nina

Netty Nina was an instructional designer for Talk to Me.  A 2007 Smith College graduate in engineering science, she received the Nancy Hellmann Prize in 2007 for extraordinary contributions to the advancement of women in engineering. Netty works for an engineering firm with a focus on energy efficiency in buildings.  

Melinda Pontes

Melinda graduated from Smith College in 2015, where she studied engineering with a concentration in medical device design.  She worked on the video production team, and assisted with the development of learning adventures.

Greta Stacy

Greta graduated from Smith College in 2015 with degrees in chemistry and American studies.  After recording the audio version of Talk to Me, Greta assumed a lead role on the video production team.

Sally Stulberg

Sally Stulberg was a multimedia designer for Talk to Me.  She graduated from Smith College in 2011 with a major in engineering science and a minor in film studies.  Sally's documentary "Sibling Revelries" won "Best Documentary" and "Best of Smith College" at the 2011 Five College Film Festival.  She works in postproduction in New York City.

Lauren Weston

Lauren graduated from Smith College in 2015 with a major in engineering and a minor in African studies.  Among many other things, she lead development of the artificial intelligence (AI) learning adventure and initiated the production of the ethics learning adventure.

Vatasha White 

Vatasha graduated from Smith College in 2015 with degrees in engineering and computer science.  She assisted in the development of the engineering design learning adventure.

Other Contributors

  • James Ellis
  • Kasama Euchukanonchai
  • Tom Gralinski
  • Pauline Musa
  • Chelsea Orefice
  • Gail Scordilis
  • Krystle Sevilla
  • Doug Winsor
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Meet Rio!

Meet Rio Walker, a character from the Talk to Me novel!

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